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Your cat is really bored if...

1) He is destructive: he jumps on shelfs and throws things, and shreds paper and bits off furniture and is trying to escalate to the doors. These are signs of a kitty that needs ACTION! and a lot of playing. He'll much rather play with you than breaking your belongings- I promise!

2) He's picking on family members and other pets and has not done this before: he's finding prey. Because he can't hunt and is totally not doing his job as a cat, he's hunting you or your son or his sister instead. Hey... if he had something he could chase instead... right!?

3) Attention seeking by meowing looooooong and loooooooooooooud: He just won’t stop, and if you meow back, he’ll just respond with more meowing. Best thing would be to get some toys out and engage in chasing that laser pointer!

4) He’s on you all day...

His behind is in your face: cats forget about personal space when they are really bored. He will be on you, on your face, over your laptop or book. The closer the better! He just wants you to know he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Get on your feet and get the chaser! He’ll much rather chase that mouse and play ball with you than being annoying.

5) The “overs”

Overgrooming: he’s licking himself in the same spot or spots for hours non stop! He falls asleep and he’s back again to grooming. He needs a new hobby like, maybe getting that ball from inside the cardboard box.

Overeating: he’s just snarfing his food. Sometimes throwing up because of this. He’s not even hungry, he’s just bored. Perhaps a good puzzle treat feeder, they are super cool and food will become prey!

6) Being super sad: If your cat seems uninterested in most things that normally get her active, including food, it could be a sign that she isn’t getting enough mental stimulation. What makes a cat happy? A good old fashioned wand chasing game session with you!

How do we solve this boredom issue? PLAY!!!

Make a big deal out of it: get catnip, cat grass, make a puzzle feeder with toilet paper rolls, play hide and seek, use a laser pointer, a wand, or a shoelace! But please, play with your cat!

Thank you for reading,



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