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Why I love puzzle feeders:

Puzzle feeders promote both mental and physical stimulation for your cat... but why?

1) Cats are natural hunters:

This might be the most important reason: In the wild, cats would spend a large amount of their time hunting for food. The lovely dishes we provide for them are ok because they fit their purpose, but cats enjoy a meal they can catch!

2) Cats are very curious:

Curiosity helps them hunt for food in the wild. So it's natural to them to be curious about food trapped somewhere and to think of ways of getting it out.

3) Reduces separation anxiety:

Puzzle feeders reduce stress simply by making the cat focus their attention on "the hunt" and not to external changes (in the environment) that might cause them stress. Especially if they get a bit clingy when you need to leave. This will distract them for a long time after you've left!

4) Makes them fitter:

Puzzle feeders help the cat not to stuff up their food. So if you have a cat that needs to loose weight this is a nice way to make the food last longer because it'll take them a long time to eat a smaller amount of food.

5) Reduces regurgitation:

Eating their food too quickly and bringing it straight back up again. This is particularly true of cats fed only once a day, and cats on wet food. If your cat regularly vomits or regurgitates their food straight after eating, slowing them down can help. A puzzle feeder is a great way to slow your cat’s eating down to give their stomach a chance to receive the food in more normal quantities.

Bottom line: eating little hunted pieces a day, keeps the vet away and a kitty entertained!

Here are my favourite puzzle feeders from Amazon:

As usual, let me know what you think and if you have any questions please contact me!



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