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Up, up and away!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Does your cat have a high perch or a cat tree where they can climb up to? Whenever I'm working with cats and their families, I find myself asking this question and the answer is always "Yes!, we have a cat tree"

And then I get really disappointed when I see a cat tree shorter than me, and I'm 5"1.

So how high is "high"? How tall must a cat tree be?

It must be as high as the ceiling.

Cats are natural climbers. In the feline world you'll see panthers, lions and even leopards climbing up trees and sleeping in them. So it's only natural that cats are drawn to go up a tree branch. But what are the benefits?

1) A good sight: there is no danger they can't spot from up there! They will feel more secure and in control if they can see their environment from above.

2) The best naps are up there: so if they feel secure because they have a panoramic view of the entire place, it's the best spot for sleeping away from any danger.

3) Getting as far away as possible: from that smell, that noise, that family member, that other pet or anything that might affect them. Having this high place will save them from harm.

You don't have to spend hundreds on a posh tree if you don't want to. Here are some great ideas that can help get a high as the ceiling perch for your cat:

  • Use your own furniture: like in the picture above, a book case or any wardrobe will do. Just make sure the cat has steps to climb up there and that you show him/ her how to do it (use a treat they can follow up there, or a toy)

  • Get a shelf from your local DIY store and place it in a corner of the room: bonus points if it has a view to the window! (same as above, make sure the cat has steps to climb up there and that you show him/ her how to do it (use a treat they can follow up there, or a toy)

  • Try any Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree and make sure to place the highest perch as high as possible. Here's an Amazon example: Cat tree

  • Use a Cat Window Perch: windows are usually almost as high as the ceiling. So you can use one of these Cat Window Perch or a couple

  • Ask me: you can always email me a picture of your room and we can think of a way to use your own furniture together :)

Bonus tip: Location, location, location! Not only the high perch must be as high as the ceiling. It should also be located in a warm area of the house, and in the corner with the best view. Try to think like a small kitten... where would you go to have some quiet time, but to see it all at the same time?

Lets give them a boost of confidence and a most deserved throne to out kitty kings and queens!



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