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Let's go out! 5 ways to keep your cat safe outdoors

Researchers estimated that as many as 30% of cats are kept exclusively indoors in the UK and this trend is growing.

There are lots of risks to free range outdoor cats and cat owners are looking for ways to balance keeping their cat safe with keeping their cat enriched and entertained.

Today we review the options for cat owners who are looking to strike a balance between safety and welfare for their cat’s benefit and for their own peace of mind.

1) Night-time curfew:

Cats Protection recommend that cats should be kept in at night because approximately 78% of road accidents involving cats occur at night due to decreased visibility of cats and possibly increased likelihood of drivers speeding.

2) Chip controlled cat flap:

If you are looking to control your cats’ outdoor access then a microchip activated cat flap enables you to set curfews to keep your cats in at different times of the day. You can tailor the curfews to each individual cat as their requirements differ.

3) Cat proof garden:

Using a combination of cat fence barriers and cat fencing, you can cat proof the perimeter of your garden to provide a safe haven which you and your cat can share together. ProtectaPet have cat proofed over 8,000 gardens in the UK and can advice you on the possibilities according to your garden size, shape and features.

4) Catio:

If you have a small patio area or ca balcony, a catio is the ideal option to give your cat a breath of fresh air and the opportunity to sunbath and enjoy the outdoors. Catios are an ideal place to keep litter trays for an indoor cat and you can lots of enrichment such as shelves, scratchers and posts for your cat to enjoy adventuring.

5) Train your cat to return the shake of a treat tin: Cats can be easy to train to the shake a of food bowl or treat tin. This recall can be a great trick to use when your cat is out and about in the vicinity of your garden and you want to check that they are close by. However, this option isn’t preventative and might not be your preferred choice.

The options above cover a range of possibilities from preventative care such as cat proofing to ensuring recall and supporting you to control your not to wander. Every cat owner can consider the best option for them according to their outdoor and indoor space, the needs of their cat and the ease of implementation. For example, it is much easier to introduce a night time curfew to a new kitten than establish a new routine with an older cat.

If you need any advice on cat proofing your garden, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ProtectaPet on 0800 999 4008 or, or you can ask me and I'll be happy to help :)



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