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Meow! Meow! Meow! Cats who just won’t stop talking!

Firstly, the following breeds are the most vocal:

  • Suffolk

  • British Shorthair

  • Scottish Fold

  • Siamese

  • Oriental Shorthair

  • Sphynx cats

  • Bengals

  • Tonkinese

  • Japanese Bobtail

So if you happen to be the happy parent of one of these breeds’ cats, you are most likely experiencing them talking back at you all day, they may chirp or twill too!

Secondly: let’s check with the vet so we rule out any disease.

  • Is your cat trying to tell you she’s in pain?

Cats don’t tend to vocalise when in pain unless it is short lived, such as accidentally having their tail stepped on (which the person would know they had done).

Chronic pain, which would be very important for owners to detect is rarely communicated via vocalisations by cats.

  • Is your cat bored?

Boredom is one of the causes of a cat that just won't stop meowing. If getting a laser pointer makes it all better, start playing more with your cat. After all, he only has you as a play mate.

  • Is your cat hungry?

Sometimes they might meow to ask for food. But as it turns out, it’s the human who fed the cat once he meowed and now the cat is using this “trick” to get even more food, it’s basically a learned behaviour. Even if their bowl is full.

  • Does he want you to pet him?

He’s definitely trying to get your attention, but beware: if the petting turns into biting and getting his claws on your arm, he just wanted to play. Even if he showed you his belly and twirled around on the floor.

  • Your cat only meows when he wants to go out. He stands by the door and meows longer and louder.

Well, he is really good at communicating what she needs, and you are really good at understanding what she’s saying… some owners have it harder.

  • Is she/he in heat?

Yes, if she is between 5 and 8 months old and started, not only vocalizing a lot but in a way you’ve never heard her before, it might be time for her to be spayed. Male cats can behave like this as well, apart from spraying your walls. Pay the vet a visit.

  • Is it a sign of a senile cat?

It might happen that your 16 year old cat starts yowling for no reason at all in the middle of the night, and might only stop if you hold him, or talk to him. Senility in older cats is very common. Please visit the vet.

  • Is he stressed?

Cats that are experiencing stress often become more vocal. A new pet or baby, a move or change to the home, your schedule, an illness or the loss of a loved one can turn your cat into a talker. Try to discover what is stressing your pet and help them adjust to the change. Remember: the higher the cat can climb, the happier he is.

Do not associate the way your cat meows to what he needs. The same cat in the same context may sound different at different times. That’s why it’s so hard to understand what they are saying.

But we are good caring parents who are paying attention. There is a lot you can tell by the way they meow and their body language.

If anything, playing with them is always a good homely remedy.

Thank you for reading,

Thank you Kevin Workman for letting me use this lovely picture he took of Rafi!



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